Welcome at Anastas-bethlehem.com
Welcome on the website of family Anastas in Bethlehem. Please take a few minutes to read the story of Claire Anastas, by pressing the link "The story" on the right side of the website.

“Now we are isolated, alone, and caged. […] We have lost everything.”

This family is really in need of support and you can help.There are at least two ways you can help Claire. Please pass this information on to others. Awareness of situations like Claire’s will help people to see that we must challenge injustice in the Holy Land. Second, please support this fundraiser to buy Claire’s plane ticket so she can come and speak to congregations about her life in Bethlehem. Buy Christmas presents and begin to fight social injustice. The little things add up!

Click on the link "Webshop" on the right side and you will find several beautiful gifts made of olive wood. Your help will mean so much to this family...