Why Choose us?

In the Holy Land, the main olive wood carvings and mother of pearl producers are centered around Bethlehem and Beit Sahour. There are more than 30 workshops that specialize in producing handmade religious carvings, artworks and home ware items from the highest quality olive wood and mother of pearl shells.

Due to the nature of the hand carved pieces and the skill of the workshops producing them, the complexity, quality and technicality of the hand carved works is ever evolving.

Anastas Family strives to provide you with the latest and best quality handmade goods from the Holy Land and to the rest of the world on a timely basis. We work directly with the best workshops of those in need and those who are in dire need of moral and material support.

And we are continuously update our website to provide you with the newest, most affordable prices and the widest range of olive wood and mother of pearl hand crafted artworks from Bethlehem and the Holy Land.

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